The raw material supplier gives chemical composition certificate for  each
Alu. Coil of 2 MT. Wt. Again before production, each coil sample  is again
tested for its chemical composition.

While wire drawing its  diameter is checked continuously with  in process
gauging systems.

The wire after drawing is degreased to have clean oil free product.

The degreased wire is then wound on special spools layer  by layer. The
wire  on  each  spools  is  joint  less and  weights 6.5 kg to 11 kgs as per
customers request.

The tensile strength of wire of each batch is checked in house on tensile checking  machine  and  tensile strength is  maintained as per customer's requirement.

Spools are  packed  in  corrugated  boxes as  per customer's requirement
and then shipped to the destination by road or by ship.