a) High purity Al.Wire
b) High purity Al.Rod
c) Tea bag wire

The high purity Aluminium  Wire for  metalising  purpose  meets  following
International Standards.
The high purity Al. wire is used for the metalising
of Polyester film, BOPP film & Paper. It is also used in the Electronic
industries mainly in capacitors.

1000 Series

1080 Wire
Al. purity minimum 99.80% and wire diameter 1.50mm & above.
Tensile strength 16 to 18 kg/mm2 & Elongation above 1%

1090 Wire
Al. purity minimum 99.90% and wire diameter 1.50mm & above.
Tensile strength 15 to 16 kg/mm2 & Elongation above 1%

1199 Wire
Al. purity minimum 99.99% and wire diameter 1.50mm & above.
Tensile strength 13 to 14 kg/mm2 & Elongation above 1%

High Purity Aluminium Ingots.High Purity Aluminium Rods.


Alu. Wire  is  produced on  specially developed wire drawing machine with
In process gauging unit for diameter checks for each batch.

Alu. Wires manufactured on drawing machine are wound on layer to layer
on bobbins by specially developed  winding  machine.  This layer to  layer
winding is a special feature as only layer-to-layer winding wires are  used
on highly automatic and sophisticated metalising machines.The spools are
also developed in house with the help of local venders.